How to create email templates on your own – Use Titan’s email templates

Spend less time on your emails by choosing from Titan's professionally written templates and creating your own.

Chris Griffin

Published on September 9, 2021

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How much of your workday is consumed by writing emails? Business emails eat up time because they matter. After all, one email might be the only chance you have to interact with a customer. A cold email to a prospect needs to carry a different tone than an apology note to a customer who was shipped the wrong order. But while both emails have to be mindfully crafted, who has the time to write the perfect email for every outreach? With Titan’s new Email Templates, you do! Now you can use the Titan Templates Library or save your own emails as templates to quickly fire off the perfect email.

Email templates for perfection

There are now 12 templates baked into your Titan composer, to help you quickly send an email for a variety of scenarios. Whether you’re looking to pitch your business or do some talent recruiting, these templates will help you save time and ensure that your message is impactful. In the bottom bar of your composer, you’ll see a template icon. Clicking it will pop up a list of templates to choose from:
You can select a template and edit it to add the appropriate details. You can then save your personalized version of the template to use going forward. If you want to declutter your template list, you can delete the ones that aren’t applicable to you.

How to use email templates

Of course, you’re bound to be sending emails that are highly-specific and unique to you and your business. For these types of messages that are recurring, you can write a generic version and save it as a template to reuse. To create a new email template, simply open the compose window and draft an email. Then open the template icon at the bottom of your compose window and click Save message as new template. From there, your message will pop out and you can name and save it as a template.
You can also create a new template from a message that you have either sent or received. All you have to do is open the message click on the more icon and choose “Save as template”.

Let’s get going!

To help you get started on creating your own templates, we’ve put together a bunch of templates for the various scenarios you may find yourself interacting in: Try it out when you send your next email!

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