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The customer-centric business email service that helps you grow

Titan is the first business email service that helps you build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your customers.

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business email service

The days of sending an email and crossing your fingers for a reply are over.

Titan gives you the tools to build more impactful customer connections over email.
Business email templates

Email Templates

Save time by saving your frequently sent responses as templates and ensure that you always send a message that resonates with your customers.

Business email templates
Schedule and send professional emails

Scheduled Send

Whether you’ve identified the optimal send time for a customer or you need to draft a message during off-hours, schedule your emails to send when they’re most likely to be read.

Schedule and send professional emails

Read Receipts

Don't lose sleep wondering if your prospect read that crucial quote. With Read Receipts, get notified the moment your recipient opens your email.

Follow up reminder for business emails

Follow-up Reminders

Don't settle for a non-reply to your important emails. Get nudges to circle back on the thread at the perfect time and keep your conversations going.

Follow up reminder for business emails

A business email experience built to delight

Rich message composer for business emails
Rich message composer

Craft beautiful and compelling emails with rich formatting, drag and drop images and more.

Business Email Threading
Email threading

Keep your conversations flowing with email threading.

Best of custom filters for Business Emails
Smart filters and custom folders

Set up rules and create customized folders to stay organized.

Business Email Calendar
Coordinate schedules with shareable calendars

Share your calendar with your teammates and contacts that use Titan.

A calendar that drives both external and internal collaboration

Best Business Email for All Platforms
Works with every platform

Send invites to guests that use Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail.

Business Email Calendar
Manage your schedule, any way you like

View your calendar by day, week or month.

What our customers have to say

"Titan has revolutionised business email for me. I don't need to pay for expensive services from other service providers in the market."

5/5 Nzangi M
BIM Coordinator & Technology Officer

"Titan is an apt name for such a superior email platform. It has proven to be customer responsive, easy to use, and a breath of fresh air. It stands heads & shoulders above the rest."

Paper Engineer, Paperpops

"For a professional, easy to use, uncluttered email solution, Titan is definitely THE go-to option I would recommend!"

5/5 Katherina T
President, Lokhorst Group Ventures

"Titan is a must have app for me and has become a very important part of my daily life. The read receipts feature is a game changer."

5/5 Amédée Erns B
Software engineer, Self-employed

"Titan is the best alternative to Google. It is an excellent and affordable email platform for my team and my startup clients."

5/5 Elsie M
Digital Marketing Consultant

"The feature to know if someone read your emails is very helpful and their support team is always ready to help."

4/5 Alexander S
Lead Illustrator & Animation Specialist

Webhosts / Website builders looking to offer Titan to your customers?

Titan deeply integrates into your control panels.

Titan FAQs

A business email is an email address you use for your business that matches your business name or the domain of your website. It is an email address that ends in @yourbusiness or @yourdomainname, plus your top level domain (e.g. .com or .site), whereas a free, generic email will have a generic domain. Since your business email is aligned to your business name, it allows clients and customers to recognize you, and helps to gain trust and legitimacy.
Yes. Email hosting is a service that enables you to set up a custom email address, send and receive emails, and store related files on a server. While setting up hosted email services, your website from your current web host will still be able to operate at full scale.
You don’t need an active website to use Titan, but you do need your own domain name. By using your domain for both a website and an email address, you create a more trusted business presence.
Yes. Titan comes with advanced anti-spam, where all inbound email messages pass through a spam filter before reaching your inbox. Using Titan will dramatically reduce junk mail and vulnerability to viruses. All your messages on Titan are encrypted and are safe from spam, malware, ransomware, phishing and other attacks.
Yes. Titan comes with built-in migration tools to help you easily move existing email data to your Titan account. If you run into trouble with the migration at any point, our dedicated support staff is available 24/7 to help you out.
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