Read Receipts: Know when your most important emails are opened

When it comes to your business email, email tracking is downright necessary. Next time you send an email, use Read Receipts to see when it gets opened!

Chris Griffin

Published on September 15, 2021

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Have you ever wanted to know if your most important emails reached their destination? Of course you have.

Anxiously waiting out a response to an important email is bad enough. But that terrible feeling is compounded by the fact that you’re left to wonder whether or not your message even reached the inbox on the other end.

With Titan, the guessing game is over. Titan uses Read Receipts to let you know if your sent emails have been opened. No more wondering whether someone has read your email and no more blind follow ups.

Instantly know when your emails have been opened

You probably don’t have to look further than your inbox to know that it’s tough for people to keep up with their ever-expanding mailboxes. Your sent messages can easily get buried in your recipient’s inbox. And with spam filters only getting more sophisticated, there’s a chance your email never even makes it to their inbox.

If you have time-sensitive messages like contracts, proposals or meeting updates, you need concrete confirmation that your message was received. When your emails sent from Titan are read, you’ll get a notification as soon as it’s opened.

Read receipt notification

If you’re hitting multiple people with an email, you’ll get a Read Receipt at the top of your inbox for each recipient, noting the exact date and time they opened it. You can also click on the “eyeball” button in your sent message to see the Read Receipts.

If you need to reference an older message, you can see all of your Read Receipts right from the notification tab in your inbox.

Get strategic with Read Receipts

If you want your messages to be read and responded to, you have to be strategic about your outreach. You can pair Read Receipts with Titan’s other features to do just that.

Click on the “eyeball” button in your inbox to view all of your past Read Receipts and note when your recipient is most likely to open a message from you. Then, write your email and set it for the optimal day and time with Titan’s Schedule Send feature.

You can also set a Follow-Up Reminder when you fire off that important email. This way, if the email remains unopened, you can circle back at the appropriate time, instead of anxiously waiting or sending an ill-timed response of your own.

When it comes to your business email, tracking is downright necessary. Your busy clients and colleagues can easily miss your email, if it even makes it through the spam filter. And while a follow up is always the best way to get a response, that message heads to the same abyss if you can’t see if it’s been opened.

Titan is dedicated to building and delivering the email tools you need to work smarter. Next time you send an email, track it to see when it gets opened!

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