Contact Groups: Create groups of your frequently emailed contacts

Emailing a frequently messaged group of contacts shouldn’t be a chore. Save time by creating Contact Groups.


Published on June 6, 2022

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Spend time proofreading your email—not your recipients’ email addresses!

When using email, particularly at work, oftentimes you find yourself sending emails repeatedly to the same group of people—like your team, your office, or a mix of specific people from various teams within your organization. And coming from a remote organization ourselves, we understand it can be tedious and time consuming to continuously type each email address every time. Not to mention the additional time it takes to ensure you’ve got everyone and that you’ve accurately input each recipient.


Now, using Titan, you can create Contact Groups with recipients whom you email together most frequently. With this, you won’t have to enter each email address and check if you’ve got them all.

Group your frequently emailed recipients together

Let’s say you’re a part of your company’s sales organization. You’re likely sharing your sales targets each quarter with your manager and the rest of your sales team. It’s enough that you have to hit those big numbers! Remembering all the recipients of your important email and getting them right shouldn’t be an added concern.


Simply gather the email addresses of your entire sales team into a Contact Group for use in the “To/Cc/Bcc” fields the next time you want to email them all.

So, when you’re sharing sales targets with the sales team next quarter, don’t bother spelling out the email addresses of all those 10 team members. Just use the Contact Group name “Sales Team” as a recipient and voilà! Off they go! Now get to work on hitting those numbers 😉 

Create your Contact Groups

  • To create your first Contact Group using Titan, click on “Contact Groups” in the Compose window and select “Create a new Contact Group”. 
  • Name your Contact Group, add your recipients’ email addresses, and click “Create”.

Just drop the name of your Contact Group into the recipient field in your emails from here on out!

Streamline your email efficiency

Don’t end your increased productivity there! Set your email to be sent at the optimal time by using Titan’s Schedule Send feature, and once that email is sent, don’t lose sleep wondering if it has been read. Simply use Titan’s Read Receipts feature to get notified as soon as it’s opened. 

Titan is here to make email a strategic tool for the growth of your business. Use Contact Groups to save time and effort, and work smarter!

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