How Samantha uses Titan to juggle her day jobs

Learn more about how Samantha Flores—a freelance writer, blogger, and creator of the Postpartum Mindset Program—keeps everything on track with business email.

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Published on July 13, 2022

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Samantha Flores is a writer, blogger, and creator of the Postpartum Mindset Program—a postpartum support program that helps new mothers feel confident in their identity. “I’m a freelance writer by day and a postpartum coach in the evenings,” she says. A mother of two, she runs her businesses from home. 

In short, Samantha has her hands full. Be it writing, working with clients, or raising her kids, there’s always something (or someone) that needs attention. So she doesn’t have time for needless complexity. She’s constantly emailing clients to share meeting links, program workbooks, or projects. When she started her blog four years ago, free Gmail and Calendar worked just fine—for a while.

“I was using regular Gmail with a chain email account. That was like my name plus my blog’s name at, so it was astronomically long. But that was all I really knew at the time.”

A self-taught entrepreneur, Samantha learned all about building a business from online newsletters, blogs, and webinars. So as her business grew, she knew she wanted a professional email to match her brand. She looked at paid Gmail first because it was familiar. But as it turns out, it wasn’t. Integrating Gmail with her company website, updating DNS records, testing email deliverability…it just felt complicated. Trying to set it all up while running her growing businesses and raising her then five-month-old baby made her think, “No, I don’t want to do this. It sounds confusing.” 

Samantha discovered Titan through where she hosts her blog. It was baked into a platform she was already familiar with and didn’t have her messing with integrations. Most importantly, setting it up was as easy as could be.

“I feel like WordPress was reading my mind as I researched how to create a more professional email that had my business name in it. Titan just popped up, and I was like, ‘Hey, I could do this!’ I was so excited that I could get Samantha at my business name .com. I got it all set up within an hour, probably less. It was really easy.”

While the quick and easy setup convinced her to give it a go, it’s Titan’s smart Calendar and Read Receipt features that really won her over. The Read Receipt feature has been especially useful for her business, helping her stay on top of things and give her clients all the support and resources they need. 

“Primarily, I want to keep my calendar up to date, easily connect with clients, and know when they read my email. Because if they didn’t read the email, that means they didn’t see the calendar invite, meeting link, or program workbooks. I couldn’t figure out how to do that with Gmail, but Titan was easy,” she explained.

Additionally, she credits Titan’s affordable pricing and usability for making her life easier. When evaluating business email services, she found Google’s pricing a little out of reach and rigid. In comparison, she found that Titan was both more affordable and flexible. With monthly payment options, it was exactly what she was looking for to grow her business.

“I use Titan daily and depend on it highly. It’s just so smooth, easy, and budget-friendly. That’s what I need in my life as a mom of two with two different businesses.”

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