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Published on June 24, 2022

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Since Titan’s launch in 2018, the product has grown quickly and gained traction from small businesses across the globe. The teams involved in the creation of Titan—engineering, product development, marketing, design, and business development—have contributed immensely to its growth. One such team who deserves a shout-out at Titan is our DevOps Engineering team who works to ensure that Titan’s services are always up and running with high reliability.

Team Devops @Titan

The DevOps team at Titan, apart from normal development operations,  has not only significantly reduced operational toil but also has significantly contributed to the reliability of Titan as a service provider. 

As it often goes, with the growth of the product and the team comes the growth of technical challenges. Some of the challenges the team faces are very common across organizations.  But others take some serious problem solving and teamwork to find solutions. Unlike other operation teams, our focus is not only on making the infrastructure resilient, but actively contributing to production-facing solutions that handle large-scale traffic. Let’s look at some of the work undertaken by the team. 

Work highlights from the team

All below work is specific to the DevOps team. The tools/services/automation mentioned are all maintained in-house and developed by Titan’s DevOps team


Deployments and Migrations


Knack for customer experience

  • We prioritise customer experience,  and thus have built services like Mailtracker which helps to: Track each incoming/outgoing mail flowing through our distributed infrastructure.
    • Quickly troubleshoot/resolve any customer issues. 
    • Aid in better capacity planning as well as help us fight abuse.

Abuse management

Monitoring and On-call management

Monitoring and on-call management are some of the most important aspects for any operations team, and we have this covered as well. 


Did we miss anything? Of course, if we were to mention everything the team contributes, you’d be reading this blog post all day. So check back as we continue to share more about Titan’s DevOps team and the processes we’ve created to ensure efficiency, accuracy, high availability and reliability. 

By the way—Titan is always looking for exceptional talent to join our DevOps team. Maybe you’re the hire we’ve been looking for :). Interested in talking about this with us more? Apply here.

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