Add awesomeness to your emails with Titan’s new composer

With Titan's new email composer, it's now easier than ever to craft beautiful and compelling business emails.

Chris Griffin

Published on September 13, 2021

In using your domain with Titan, you’ve taken the first step in projecting a professional email image. But do your emails follow suit? If you’re looking to craft professionally polished, awesome emails for your business, Titan has you covered! We just made some major upgrades to the Titan email composer, including new formatting options, image and resizing capabilities, inline hyperlinking and a ton of improvements under the hood. As we take a look at what’s new, open up your Titan web composer and try out some of the new features for yourself.

Under the hood

For starters, we’ve completely revamped the underlying code to improve performance and scalability. The composer now works seamlessly in all browsers and you’ll be able to copy and paste text from multiple sources. We’ve also addressed various bugs that were hindering performance throughout.

Add an image

If you have a prospect and want to show off your past work on a related project, bring your email to life by adding images. You can instantly upload or drag and drop multiple images in an email and easily resize them to fit with your text. You can also link your images to drive people to your site for more details.

Format your email

In the composer toolbar, you now have a variety of new options to personalize and polish your emails:

Add some personality with emojis

From dolphins to beer, Titan has countless options for you to add some flair to your emails with an emoji. Click the emoji picker at the bottom of your composer to choose the best one to represent your mood. 😁

Email smarter

Now you can access Titan’s advanced email management features, right from the web composer. You can schedule a time to send your message, manage email tracking and set a reminder to yourself to follow up.

Let us know what you think

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. We’re on a never-ending quest to build the best business email service for you. If there’s anything else you’d like to see in the Titan email composer, let us know!

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