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It doesn’t take long for an email to get buried in your mailbox. With Titan, you can now dig deep for a message while staying on the surface of the search bar.

Chris Griffin

Published on September 13, 2021

We’ve all been there. On a call, half-listening while frantically searching for an email that you know is in your inbox, but just can’t seem to find. Few things are more frustrating! We live in an age where seemingly everything is at our fingertips. Yet for some reason, finding an old email often ends up taking way too long. Until now. Whether you remember every last detail of an email or just a keyword, we’ve beefed up Titan’s search capabilities so that you can instantly surface any email in your inbox. https://videopress.com/v/bWurqxKO?preloadContent=metadata

Throw a search party

Your business emails contain all sorts of information. Which unfortunately means that the important details are often buried inside of a broader conversation. So we’ve upgraded Titan’s search to provide numerous avenues for you to find the exact email you want when you want it. You’ll now see auto-suggestions based on your recent searches and contacts so that your most common emails and senders instantly rise to the top. And you’ll be able to use a variety of new search strings to narrow your searches by subject, body, sender, recipient and more. But the coolest part of Titan’s new search is our Advanced Search options.
Clicking on Advanced Search in the search bar will give you a whole slew of options to find that needle in the haystack: You can tighten the window even more on your results by using as many of the options as you’d like.

Dig deep from the surface

The details of our work live in our inboxes. Think about how often you search for an old email. If there’s not a clear path to the message you want, finding it can easily turn into a giant time suck. At Titan, we’re obsessed with enabling you to maximize productivity while minimizing the time you spend on email. It doesn’t take an exact name or address to find a restaurant on your favorite search engine. So you shouldn’t have to remember the sender, subject or specific details of an old email to find it. Try it out. Take our new search bar for a ride and see what you discover!

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