Titan ranks among the top email software on G2’s Summer 2022 Report

G2’s Summer 2022 Report is out, and here at Titan, we’re thrilled with the results!

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Published on July 18, 2022

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G2’s Summer 2022 Report is out, and here at Titan, we’re thrilled with the results! Titan has shot up in the rankings on G2 over the past few months and is now the highest-rated email product (4.8/5) and in 5th position overall in the Email Software category.
G2 is a globally recognized platform for peer-to-peer software reviews. Its Summer 2022 Reports of Best Software Products rank the world’s best software based on authentic reviews from real users.

At Titan, we’re taking a new approach to email by creating a product that enables businesses to build deeper relationships with customers through innovative tools and features. Our customers credit the product’s aesthetics and our company’s philosophy of taking direct input from users to co-create the product as the most significant factors that contribute to their ratings. 

“We invested in email as a category because we believe small businesses are underserved by expensive, overbuilt tools that have not innovated meaningfully in years,” explains Bhavin Turakhia, Titan’s founder and CEO. “The recognition and the awards only validate our belief that we’re co-creating the future of email with our users.”

Titan directly challenges some of the industry’s biggest players

At Titan, we work with the fundamental belief that email is a tool to be harnessed in order to move us forward in doing the best work of our lives. As we set out to build the best email tool for small businesses, the recognition from G2 and support from our users have been a huge encouragement and a major milestone for Titan! 💪

Along with ranking in the top five email software on G2, Titan also earned the #1 spot in the Customer Support category for email and top rankings in the Ease of Use category, the Results category, and the Implementation category in G2’s Summer Report, edging out some of the biggest players in the industry such as Microsoft Office and Google Workspace. Based on these results, G2 identified Titan as a leader in the industry for small businesses.

The voice of our customers

Email is one of the most time-consuming tasks for professionals all around the globe. In fact, the average worker spends nearly four hours checking and responding to emails every day. As we look to change the way small businesses use email and help them get the most out of each conversation, our customer testimonials and reviews are what give us a sense of purpose and drive us to be better at Titan.

Here’s what they have to say: 

“Titan has revolutionized business for me. I don’t need to pay for expensive services from other service providers in the market . . . I can track when someone opens my email, which is very important in getting to know whether your message reached the other party successfully.” – Nzangi M., BIM Coordinator and Technology Officer

“The most interesting and helpful thing about Titan is the read receipts. It’s very useful to an early-stage startup founder like me. I get to know when my pitch and cold emails have been received and opened. So in case there is no reply, I know if I have to send a follow-up or not.” – Oni-Becsen G., Small Business COO/CTO

“They have made email better for businesses. Get Titan. You won’t regret doing so as they are shaking up the industry. You have nothing to lose.” – Owen S., Managing Director, Small Business

Onward and Upward!

At Titan, we’re revolutionizing the way the world uses email. Our G2 ranking and rewards are a testament to the problems faced by millions of professionals and small businesses all over the world with regard to the overbuilt, expensive business email solutions available for them today. We believe that small businesses are better served by well-designed, cost-effective tools that solve their communication needs and help ensure that every moment in their day counts. We know that we serve our customers best by giving them the tools that enable them to build incredible new brands, businesses, and organizations.

Do you want to hear more about what Titan’s customers have to say? Check out all the reviews on G2, or visit our website to learn more about how Titan can help you grow your business.

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