How to Create SEO Outreach Emails

Explore the techniques that can revitalize your outreach emails. Learn how to foster valuable collaborations and stand out amid stiff competition.

Manali Kulkarni

Published on September 27, 2023

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Outreach emails can propel your sales and level up your PR. From an SEO standpoint, they serve as a valuable tool for acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable websites and are an integral element of every SEO strategy. Indeed, one email sent to the right person at the right time can open up multiple opportunities for growth and collaboration. 

However, over the years, more marketers have failed to master their outreach strategies, with email outreach gaining a somewhat questionable reputation. The challenge is nebulous – how do you craft outreach emails that resonate with the recipient amid a flurry of inbox clutter? In this article, we will grapple with this question and tackle the nuances of email marketing.

How to Find Websites for Outreach

Finding the right websites for your outreach efforts can be a strategic game-changer, especially if your primary goal is to find partners who are open to new opportunities. A practical approach is to turn your attention towards your competitors’ websites. You can start with a list of your direct competitors in the industry and conduct a thorough backlink analysis of their websites. This process will allow you to understand their link-building strategies and determine what will work best for your goals.

There are numerous opportunities to streamline this technique, and using a backlink-checking tool is one of them. For example, a robust backlink finder by SE Ranking encompasses various essential backlink profile metrics. It gives you a sneak peek into the hidden realm of backlinks and can significantly contribute to your SEO strategy.

Examine the competitors’ backlinks to determine if they are attainable through outreach. It is vital to pay attention to links from credible blogs, industry publications, and authoritative websites. Some backlinks might be from directories, forums, or low-quality sources you want to avoid. One of the most crucial nuances here is to focus on quality rather than quantity. Yet, a large number of backlinks might seem impressive. But it is the authoritative and relevant backlinks that truly matter. Look for websites with a strong domain authority and a precise alignment with your niche. 

How to Write an Effective SEO Outreach Email

Effective SEO outreach revolves around meticulousness and a thorough consideration of several things. Here are some key tips that will guide you on the journey of writing an email that will make a lasting impact:

Last but not least, consider the recipient’s journey as a continuum: from the moment they open your email to the moment they take the desired action. Each step should be intuitive. Wherever possible, remove any potential barriers that might cast doubts and deter readers from progressing along this path.

Examples of SEO Outreach Emails

Let’s transition from theory to practice and look at some examples of SEO outreach emails that encapsulate our discussed principles. These examples illustrate how concise and action-oriented emails can bring impactful results. Feel free to experiment with your own style and tailor your emails according to specific contexts and needs.

  1. Link exchange email

Subject Line: Link Exchange Offer

Hi {Daniel},

I’m {Veronica}, a big fan of your work and a Marketing Specialist at {Nico Studio}. I appreciate your expertise in {Artificial Intelligence}, especially your recent article about {foundation models}. Our company also contributed to that topic. Recently, we conducted a comprehensive analysis to enrich our audience’s understanding of {Large Language Models}.

How about a link exchange? I’ve found a piece on your site that pairs well with a topic we covered earlier. In return, I’d be happy to link back from our website.

If you’re interested in learning more, let’s discuss the details.

Looking forward to your response,


2. Guest post proposal email

Subject Line: Guest Post Collaboration

Hello {Tina},

It’s {Mark} from {GateWay}. Recently, I’ve read your piece about common technical SEO mistakes for small businesses. Thank you. Your in-depth exploration of the subject matter made me reflect on the fundamental aspects that contribute to a website’s success.

I want to offer a potential guest post collaboration. I’ve been working on a piece titled “How Does UX Impact SEO?” I believe it would resonate with your audience. It shares new research on the topic and includes actionable insights that could be valuable for readers.

I’d happily contribute this piece to your website if this interests you. At the same time, I’m open to new topics.

Thank you for your time, and let me know what you think.



3. Resource recommendation email

Subject Line: Are You Interested in a Valuable Resource for Content Marketing?

Hello {Janet},

My name is Greta, I’m working at {Maple Syrup}, an SEO agency. As someone who’s deeply involved in content marketing, I thought you might appreciate a resource I recently came across.

I’m talking about {a recent report} {“Top 5 Modern Content Strategies for Small Business”} by {Deloitte}. I thought it might resonate with your readers as well.

If you’re interested, you can access the resource here: {Link to Resource}. Feel free to explore and share it with your community if you find it valuable.

Let me know your thoughts. I’d be more than happy to share relevant materials in the future.

Best regards,


4. Interview request email

Subject Line: Invitation for an Interview

Dear {Nicole},

I’m Hanna, a talent acquisition specialist at {Cyber}. We’re searching for a {SEO team lead} to join our team. Given your experience and skills, you could be an excellent fit for the role. Please find more information about the opportunity here {Link}.

Would you be open to participating in a brief interview? It could be conducted via {Zoom} at a time convenient for you. It will just be a conversation about your and our expectations for the role. Please let me know your thoughts and availability. If you have any doubts or questions, feel more than welcome to discuss them with us.

I’m looking forward to your response.



Tips for Creating Successful SEO Outreach Emails

SEO outreach emails are worth their weight in gold when they lean on thorough research. Rather than focusing on the quantity of potential recipients, investing in the quality of your message and SEO analysis of potential partners is a great idea. You can experiment with multiple strategies, fine-tuning and amplifying your content step-by-step.

Final Thoughts

The effect of outreach emails usually takes some time to manifest fully. And patience is a virtue here. Amidst the waiting, challenges, and possible rejections, one essential piece of advice stands strong: don’t give up. Every email you send, every connection you make brings you closer to the opportunities you seek.

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