Priority Inbox prioritizes your emails that need attention

Titan now automatically prioritizes your most important messages so you can focus on the things that matter.


Published on September 5, 2022

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Email is noisy. Your inbox, more so. It’s where almost everyone tries to reach you. That food delivery app with special offers, your client with questions on pricing, some bank about a low-interest loan . . . you get the drift.


There’s too much going on, so you’re forced to search and trawl your inbox. You’re always looking for crucial messages in that sea of emails, and it’s easy to miss a detail here or there. Like that client email with pricing questions. 😢


Not anymore. Introducing Priority Inbox by Titan—an automatically prioritized inbox so you don’t have to sift through tons of mail every day. You can focus your time on what matters.

How Priority Inbox works

Titan’s Priority Inbox learns from you—the messages you open, the ones you delete, the people you frequently collaborate with, and even the keywords you search for in your email. It’s customizable, too, so you can manually add email addresses and specific domains to a priority list when you need to.

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No more manual email triage. Messages that are important to you show up front and center in your Priority Inbox. Everything else—all those promotions and newsletters—simply move off your plate into the Other Inbox. You can focus your energies on emails that need attention and make better use of your time. All it takes is a click or two.

Make Priority Inbox work for you

First thing’s first. Enable Priority Inbox in your Settings ⚙️> Preferences. You can also add any specific email domains at the same time, or do it later.

Your inbox is now organized into Priority and Other. Incoming emails are automatically sorted and filtered. Ta da! 🎉

Your Priority Inbox surfaces emails from:

  • People you have previously emailed
  • People CC-ed in the emails you receive
  • People you search for in your inbox
  • Your team (email addresses on the same domain as yours)
  • Manually defined priority addresses or domains

You can manually add specific collaborators (by email: or companies (by their domain: to your priority list with ease. 

You can also move emails from Other Inbox to Priority Inbox and vice versa in a click. 

In a few clicks, Titan’s Priority Inbox cuts the noise and saves you time so you can focus on what you do best. No more looking for needles in haystacks. No more missing follow-ups while you do so. Activate your Priority Inbox today to make more time for business.

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