No reply, no problem: Introducing follow up reminders for no email response.

Whether sent messages nag you until you get a response or you’re always forgetting to circle back, Follow-Up Reminders are for you.

Chris Griffin

Published on September 15, 2021

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There’s nothing worse than silence after sending out an important email. But business emails take consideration, and often, to get the response you need, you have to circle back with a new message. Now with Titan’s Follow-Up Reminders, you can hit send on your most business-critical emails and move on knowing that you’ll get nudged to check back in if they go unanswered. More than ever, we’re conducting business via email across time zones. And with the lines of the traditional work hours being rewritten and so many of us adapting to a new work-life outside of the office, it’s more important than ever to follow up. Be it a day, a week or a month from now, you can use Follow-Up Reminders to revisit an unanswered email at the best possible time. Let’s take a look.

Follow through on your follow ups

It doesn’t take long for email overload to lead to missed messages, forgotten replies, and ultimately, lost opportunities. Simply put, sometimes you can’t afford to settle for a non-reply. And it pays to revisit an unanswered email. There are numerous studies that show the importance of sending follow-up emails. But there’s also a fine line between persistence and annoyance when it comes to business emails. Sometimes people just need time before they respond. Using Follow-Up Reminders, you can send an email and set yourself an appropriate timeline to check back in. To create a Follow-Up Reminder, all you have to do is click on the “clock” icon in the composer tray and select the date and time you’d like to be nudged.
No more anxiously checking your inbox in hopes of keeping the conversation going. Now you can send your emails and enjoy some peace of mind until you get a reply or your reminder.

Follow up at the perfect time

Timing can be everything in business –– especially with email. You can use Follow-Up Reminders with features like Read Receipts to determine when your recipient will be most likely to open your next message. And if your recipient opened your first email and didn’t respond, you can also use the time to go back to the drawing board and craft a more appealing follow up. Whether sent messages nag you until you get a response, or you’re always forgetting to circle back, Follow-Up Reminders are for you. Try it out! The next time you send an important email, schedule a Follow-Up Reminder for yourself. At the time you set, Titan will check if there has been a reply, and if not, the reminder will arrive at the top of your inbox. It’s that simple. For more info on how to use Follow-Up Reminders, check out this article on the Titan Support site.

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