10 New Business Announcement Email Templates & Samples

The time is now to share your business with the world! Make a name for yourself with business launch templates.

Chris Griffin

Published on September 13, 2021

Business Announcement Email Templates

Why do you need announcement email templates for new store opening or business?

Whether your new venture is a brick-and-mortar business or a digital hustle, you need to make it known to the world. Simply put, if you’re unveiling your awesome new business, there should be an equally awesome outreach to your prospects and customers.

As you’ve been ramping up, you’ve likely been building a list of contacts and now’s the time to show off your hard work. And if you have their contact information at this stage in your business, chances are they’ve shown some interest or are at the very least, are a strong prospect.

You can’t send these contacts the generic press release you drafted using your email domain name to announce your business. You need to hit them with an email that feels like it has a personal touch and shows your interest in making them a valued customer. Embed video is also important for personalized email. If your video file is less than 25 MB so you can attach a personalized video file otherwise Attach a video link in the mail. Also, you can use a video compressor to reduce file size so that it loads easily.

Below you’ll find templates to help you announce your new business. If there’s one that’s applicable, copy and paste it into your Titan compose window. Once you’ve personalized it, you can save it as a template. It’s important to use a professional email address while sending these emails. Here are a few ideas and examples of how to create a professional email address And whenever you need to promote your new product or store, you can fire off an email in an instant. You can now create a professional email address without owning a domain.

#1 New store opening announcement email template

Dear members of the [location] community,

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of [your business]. Dedicated to providing the best [service] in the [location] area, we’d love for you to visit our beautiful new space, conveniently located at [your address]. We’re committed to providing customers with the best possible [service] service.
Please join us at a grand opening [date, time, address]. Those who attend will enjoy a [deal or giveaway] for taking the time to visit us!

For more information on [your business], check out [your site] and follow us on Facebook.


Pro Tip – You can generate and incorporate a QR code within your email which when scanned re-directs customers to the exact Google/Apple map location of your shop.

#2 Product announcement email template

Dear [name],

The new [your product] is finally here! [Your product] provides [customer base] with a new way to [value prop]. We at [your company] recognize that [customer base] users like yourself have long needed a [tool/solution/service] for [value prop]. Now with [your product], you can easily [value prop].

If you’re interested in [purchasing/ordering] [your product], please [action].


All the best,

#3 Announcement email template after customer shows interest in your product

Hey [name],

Thank you for your interest in [your business]. Our team has been working diligently to best serve [industry] and we’re thrilled to share [your product] with the world!

[your business] is now the most innovative and affordable choice for [service] on the market today.

As a thank you for showing your interest in [your business], we’re offering a [deal] for new users of [your product].

Click here to get started with [your product] and take advantage of this exclusive [deal] offer.



#4 New product/business announcement email template

Hi [Name],

I’m emailing you today to let you know we have opened doors to our [your product]. It helps you [describe the problem and solution]. To learn more about [your product] and what it does, click here…[Link]

If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to respond to this email at any time.


Thank you,

#5 Product announcement email template + pricing

It’s finally here!

We at [your business] are thrilled to announce the launch of [your product]. With [your product] we are turning a new leave in the [industry] industry. With [your product], [customers] will be able to [value prop]. [your product] is now available for [].

To learn more, visit our site. We sincerely appreciate your business!



#6 Sales pitch for announcing your new business

Hey [name],

I’ll get right to the point. When it comes to [customer need], you need a [tool/ service/platform] that [value prop]. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the availability of [your product], the most innovative and affordable choice for [service] on the market today!

Want to learn how [your product] can help [you or your business]? Visit us at [www.yourbusiness.com] or contact us at [xxx-xxx-xxxx] for more information.



#7 A new service announcement email template

Dear [name],

We’re excited to announce [your business], the premier [service] provider in the greater [location] area. We know that the [location] community needs more choice in [service]. We specialize in [service], no job is too big or small.

Our prices are competitive and our mission is to deliver excellence. Let [your business] help you: [service feature] [service feature] [service feature]

If you’re looking for an affordable answer to your [service] needs, look no further than [your business]. Visit us at [www.yourbusiness.com] or contact us at xxx-xxx-xxxx for more information.


Kind Regards,

#8 Business announcement email templates for investors

Hi [name],

I’m excited to announce that we are opening up the first investment round for [your business] to select firms. [your business] is a [business type] specializing in [service].

If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity, our current financials, and the type of returns we’re forecasting, I would love to connect.

Do you have any availability for a call in the next week?



#9 Business announcement email template for press

Hi [name],

I hope everything is going well for you over at [their business]. You recently published an article on [your industry] and I thought you might be interested in learning about [your business]. Similar to [competitor] and the other companies mentioned in your article, [your business] provides [service]. But unlike our competition, [your business] [explain competitive differentiator]. I’ve included a press release and a link to our site to provide more detail.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact me at [xxx-xxx-xxxx] or shoot me an email at [your email address].


Thank you,

#10 Testimonial Request after product purchase

Hi [name]

We hope you are enjoying your recent purchase of [your product]. We at the [your team] would love to know what you think. Would mind leaving a review? As a thank you for your time, we’d like to offer you [discount] off of your next [purchase/sale] with your business.

We really appreciate your help.


Thank you,

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