What’s new in Titan?

We've opened the tap on the Titan release pipeline, letting the new features flow to your customers! Here's a look at what's new and what's coming in Titan.

Chris Griffin

Published on September 15, 2021

We’ve been very busy at Titan over the past few months, with new feature releases and upgrades happening every fortnight. Many of the new releases and features in development are the direct result of feedback and inputs from our partners! Let’s take a look at our new features releases and what’s on deck for the next few months.

New releases for customers

Schedule Send

Some of Titan’s new features, like Schedule Send, give customers a specific reason to upgrade their accounts. With Schedule Send, they can email smarter by writing messages on their own timeline and setting them to send when they’re most likely to be read.

Follow-Up Reminders

For customers that don’t want to anxiously wait for replies to their most important emails, Follow-Up Reminders provide another reason to upgrade. Now they can send out their messages and move on, with an assurance that they’ll get nudged to circle back when the time is right.

Multi-Account Support

One of the most commonly requested features –– Multi-Account Support –– was recently released. Now over 16% of daily active users on our mobile apps are using it to access the various Titan accounts they’ve set up. Not only does this feature drive activation, but with customers tied to multiple Titan accounts, retention rates also climb.

Email Composer Upgrades

To create a better user experience when writing emails in Titan, we’ve rolled out some major improvements to our message composer, including enhancements to the toolbar, new image and formatting capabilities, auto-complete suggestions and more.

1-Click DNS Setup

To get customers activated faster, we built a domain verification flow into the Titan control panel. Since it launched, DNS-related support tickets have been reduced by 50%. We also now support Domain Connect, which enables customers to set their DNS records with a single click.

Import Email

Since our Import Email tool went live, 8% of active customers have already moved messages to Titan. Not only does this keep customers in their accounts, but it also pushes a mailbox closer to its storage upgrade threshold.

Import Contacts

Based on our research, 30% of users who dropped off after setting up Titan did so because they no longer had access to their old contacts. With our new Import Contacts tool, it’s now a significantly smoother transition to Titan for these customers.

What’s coming for customers?

Email Templates

7.5% of all feature requests are from Titan customers who want to use preloaded email templates or be able to save their own messages as reusable templates. Titan’s new Email Templates will create the perfect upgrade opportunity for these users who want to take their email outreach to the next level.

Rich Signature Builder

50% of customers who took the Titan onboarding survey told us that they wanted an easier way to create a professional email signature that includes their logo and links to their website and social profiles. With our Rich Signature Builder, they’ll be able to quickly craft a polished sign-off for their sent messages.

Advanced Search

Few things frustrate email users like an inability to quickly find an old email that they know is in their inbox. We’re beefing up Titan’s search capabilities and adding Advanced Search options so that users can find that needle in the haystack without having to dig through their inbox.

New releases for partners

Partner Admin Panel

Over 50% of the support tickets for email are related to incorrect DNS settings, mail deliverability and blocked or suspended domains. The new Titan Partner Admin Panel can reduce the typically painful resolution processes for these tickets down to a simple search.

Business Intelligence: Analytics Dashboards

If you don’t know how customers use the email you sell, it’s tough to convert and keep them. With Titan, you’ll get access to all of our data via customized dashboards, insightful graphs and raw event feeds so that you can instantly track trends in account creation, usage and churn.

What this all means for you

We are already seeing email account signup rates double in some of our biggest partner pilots. Upgrades are on the rise too. And with new features like Schedule Send and Email Templates paving an upgrade path for more customers, we’re excited to see an even higher increase in revenue in the coming months. Beyond increasing monetization, we’re hyper-focused on retaining these valuable customers by delivering a product that they are delighted to use. Enhancements to the Titan composer and the addition of Multi-Account Support and our import tools not only address your customer’s core needs, they do so in a way that creates a gratifying experience. At Titan, we see ourselves as an extension of our partner’s teams and work hard to provide you with tools that match the quality of those we build for your customers. With our Partner Admin Panel and Analytics Dashboards, we can ensure that you have full transparency and complete control of your customers. Stay tuned for more announcements on our new releases!

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