Sharing the email data you need to win

At Titan, we share granular data so that together we can drive more usage, engagement, satisfaction and revenue. Here’s how.

Bhavin Turakhia

Published on September 15, 2021

To convert and retain customers, you need visibility into how they use the products you sell. But how can you get this insight if you’re reselling a service that does not share any data with you? This is exactly what happens when your customers move to most third-party email platforms –– you lose all visibility of the customer beyond their bottom line. Have they created an email account? Are they using it? Are they a mobile-first road warrior or an office-bound desktop hero? You’re not a partner of the email provider, you’re more like an affiliate. With Titan, our goal is to work with you in a true partnership, sharing granular data across the entire customer lifecycle so that together we can drive more usage, engagement, satisfaction and revenue. Here’s how.

Sharing metrics that matter through custom Dashboards

As a Titan Partner, you get your very own dashboard with custom-built insights from signup to renewal and everywhere in between.

Tracking email signups

Boosting signups on the products you sell can be a bumpy road. But when you have zero visibility into the customer’s journey, it can become a road to nowhere. By analyzing how many customers are creating email accounts, how many email accounts they are creating and how these metrics are changing over time, we can optimize our onboarding and nurturing efforts to increase signups.

Are your customers sending emails? Tracking email usage

Mailbox creation is great, but to get real value out of a customer, they need to actually use the product. If a user feels burdened by your email service in any way, they’re going to stick with their personal email. By analyzing how many users are actively using their accounts, we can get to the bottom of what’s causing inertia for those that don’t.

Are your customers breaking up with you? Measuring retention by cohorts

To build and sustain a long-term relationship with a customer, they need to love using your product. If you’re not tracking the stickiness of your customers over time and finding out why some of them stop using their email, more will continue to jump ship.

A Two-Way Street

If you’re like many of the other partners we have worked with, you have millions of customer mailboxes pointing to Roundcube, OX, Office 365 or G Suite that have never been touched. But have you ever got information from these platforms or providers as to why? In partnering with Titan, you will get instant real-time access to any and all data, customized dashboards, insightful graphs and raw event feeds. We will even work together with you to find exactly what is needed to move the needle. At Titan we are your extended product and engineering team. If your team develops a hypothesis to increase customer conversion, we’ll validate and test it with you. We believe a true partnership is a two-way street. Through transparency and collaboration, we can boost the number of your customers who signup and use your email service. And that’s how we both win.

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