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Titan provides you with complete visibility and control over your customers so that together we can track performance, troubleshoot issues and quickly support your customer base.

Bhavin Turakhia

Published on September 15, 2021

It’s no secret that exceptional customer support goes hand-in-hand with customer satisfaction. When an email-related support ticket leads to a lengthy back-and-forth across multiple channels, customers get frustrated and your activation, usage and retention rates feel the wrath.

Which is why we are excited to introduce the Titan Partner Admin Panel. With Titan, you have complete control over your customer’s email accounts. Everything needed to enable you and your team to provide superior support and prevent abuse is literally at your fingertips.

Of course, we can handle Frontline L1 support as well. But Titan also enables you to confidently take over the support reins. Let’s take a look.

Turn support sorrows into customer success stories

Over half of the support tickets for email are related to incorrect DNS settings, mail deliverability issues and blocked or suspended domains. So we’ve built the Partner Admin Panel in a way that can reduce most resolution processes down to a simple search.

Search and manage your customer’s email accounts

Titan provides a bird’s eye view of any domain and its order information. At a glance, your team can perform a status check and swiftly respond to customer’s queries for things like broken DNS records and disk space utilization. You can take immediate action on an account, suspend a domain for abuse, modify a customer’s plan, reactivate deleted accounts and more.

Take control of your customer’s accounts

Log into your customer’s Domain Admin Panel to directly help them create mailboxes, set their MX records and do whatever else they need to get going. This also provides your team with a significant advantage when helping customers over the phone.

Instantly search terabytes of SMTP logs and troubleshoot delivery issues

Email-related queries from customers are often tied to deliverability –– either sent messages not reaching their destination or incoming emails getting blocked before the inbox. There are a number of factors that cause delivery issues, including abusive behavior, delays and deferrals, bounces, incorrect email IDs, disk space exhaustion and many, many more. In fact, there are over 20 different error codes and response codes that we see for mail delivery, each with their own unique reasons.

In our Mail Logs tool, you can search by email address to surface the exact sequence of events that a particular email went through and where it got stuck. Instant access to this information will make it much easier to resolve most of your customer’s delivery-related issues.

Track and prevent abusive behavior

Our robust abuse tracking algorithms ensure that our IP reputation is immaculate and mail delivery on Titan is never compromised. We track and store every nefarious act on our platform and make that information readily available to you.

Business intelligence: Track signups, usage, retention and more

At Titan, we believe in complete data transparency. Your team will get real-time access to all of our data via customized dashboards, insightful graphs and raw event feeds. You’ll be able to instantly see trends in account creation, usage and churn. And together, we’ll be able to analyze the data and determine what exactly is needed to move the needle.

The Titan Support system

In working with Titan, you are our true partner. We provide you with complete visibility and control over your customers so that together we can track performance, troubleshoot issues, quickly answer queries and stop email abuse within your customer base.

Like everything we do at Titan, building our Partner Admin Panel was a data-driven decision. We analyzed support trends, learned from partners where their teams were struggling and built a tool to improve the experience for everyone. Combining this data-driven development approach with the level of detail we put into partnerships is how we’ll help double the money you make from email.

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