Import your contacts to Titan!

If you haven't already, import your existing contacts to Titan and make the move to your new business email a painless one!

Chris Griffin

Published on September 13, 2021

No one remembers email addresses or types them out in full more than once. We rely on our email accounts to manage our contacts. So what happens when you create a new email account, type out that first email and realize you don’t have the recipient’s address committed to memory? You go back to your old account. We’ve been working hard to make Titan the very best email for your business needs. The last thing we want you to do is to go back to your old account. So we’ve made it super easy to import your old contacts right into Titan! In this blog, you’ll get a quick overview on how to grab your old Gmail contacts from Google and move them to Titan in just a few clicks. We’ll also look at how you can import contacts from another email service, like Outlook or Yahoo!, through a simple CSV upload. For more detailed instructions, check out this article on the Titan Support site.

Import contacts from Gmail

Click on the Gear icon in your inbox toolbar to access your Settings. From there, click Preferences → Import contacts → Import contacts from Gmail. You can then choose your Google ID and grant Titan access to see and download your contacts. Once you do that, your contacts will begin automatically importing into Titan. It’s that simple.

Import contacts from a CSV

Importing contacts from a CSV spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel is also straightforward. In Outlook, you can access the Open & Export folder to export a CSV of your contacts. And in Yahoo!, you can do the same by clicking the More icon in your contacts settings. Once you have the CSV file downloaded to your machine, go into your Titan inbox and click Preferences → Import contacts → Import contacts from CSV and select the file to upload. After you’ve done that, your contacts will start importing.

Import your contacts now!

Using your domain provides you with a significant credibility advantage over companies using a @gmail address. But if it’s difficult to get started with your new accounts, your new business email can quickly become a burden. In Titan, you get a feature-packed email client with a service that is dedicated to making it easy for your business to transition to professional email accounts. If you haven’t already, import your existing contacts today and make the move to your new business email a painless one!

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