How to email smarter with Titan

At Titan, we understand the impact email has on your business –– and your sanity. That’s why we’ve compiled these pro tips to help you use Titan’s features to work smarter in your email.

Chris Griffin

Published on September 13, 2021

Do you find yourself spending too much time in your email? For some of us, checking email is the first thing we do in the morning and the last thing we do before we doze off at night. Our work emails are important. But when the habitual opening of your inbox becomes a constant disruption, it’s time to get your email game in check. The good news is Titan understands the impact email has on your business –– and your sanity. That’s why we’ve compiled these pro tips to help you use Titan’s features to work smarter in your email.

Optimize your email outreach

With our clients, colleagues and collaborators working remotely and across various time zones, we’re leaning on email more than ever as the rock of corporate communications. Unfortunately, the habit of constantly checking for new emails is also cemented in us. To chisel away at our poor email routines, Titan has a handful of features that can help you to improve how you send, reply to and manage your emails.

Know when your emails are read

Have you ever wanted to know if your most important emails reached their destination? Of course, you have. Knowing the email habits of the people who matter to the success of your business is crucial. With Read Receipts, you’ll get notified the moment your sent messages are read. If you’ve hit multiple people with an email, you’ll get a Read Receipt for each recipient, noting the exact date and time they opened it.

Know the right time to hit send

The assurance that you’ll instantly know when your critical emails have been opened is your first step in breaking the email refresh cycle. But email tracking also provides you an invaluable look at how the people on the other end of your messages consume email. With the knowledge of when your email is most likely to be opened, you can use Schedule Send to ensure that it doesn’t get buried in the inbox. You can also take advantage of this feature to schedule recurring emails, like monthly invoices to clients or weekly updates to your team and stakeholders.

Know when to follow-up

Of course, you’ll have plenty of emails that are opened, but not replied to. Regardless of whether it’s due to email overload, a forgotten reply or your message not landing, there are certain emails where you simply can’t afford to slide with a non-reply. Using Follow-Up Reminders, you can send an email and set yourself an appropriate timeline to check back in.
You don’t have to let your sent emails agonize you until you get a response. Hit send and mentally move on until you get that nudge to circle back. And if your next big email goes unanswered, check to see when they’re most likely to open a follow-up, set yourself a reminder, and then use the time to go back to the drawing board to craft a more appealing follow up.

Pump the brakes

We’ve all forgotten attachments, recipients and how to spell someone’s name when we’re concentrating on the actual content of an email. It’s only in the moments after you hit send and the second-guessing kicks in that you realize how important the little things are. With Titan, you always get a short delay to pull back a message after you hit send. So next time you’re on auto-pilot in your email, rest assured that you can pull the ripcord if you need to.

Stop switching tabs

If Titan is your new email account, that means you’ve got an old one. Whether it’s a personal or business email account, there’s a decent chance that those contacts and messages are still relevant. To avoid killing your productivity by constantly jumping tabs, you can import your contacts directly from Gmail into Titan in just a few clicks. If you have contacts that you need from Outlook or Yahoo!, you can export them as a CSV and instantly upload them to Titan.
You can also easily migrate messages from any environment that uses the IMAP protocol (like Outlook) right from the Import Email tab in your Titan Control Panel. Click here for some simple instructions.
It’s worth noting, however, that because Google handles labels and folders differently than the standard Imapsync protocol, we do not currently support importing email data from Gmail.

Take collaboration to the next level

At the moment, it feels like everyone is facing Zoom fatigue. But not every video meeting needs to be some grand, all-hands on deck event. Sometimes, for efficiency sake, we just need to replace the lengthy back-and-forth over email or chat with a quick discussion. In your Titan calendar, you can add a video link to any event. Just create a new event, add the link and invite your recipient to connect face-to-face.
Speaking of your calendar, if your teammates and collaborators are also using Titan, you can get on the same page with them, literally. Titan users can share their calendars, so that you can easily coordinate and schedule meetings, without the typical rigmarole around availability.

Titan: Email that works for you

We have a lot more in the pipeline for Titan, based on your feature requests! So keep your eyes peeled for multi-account support, email templates, advanced search capabilities and more. As always, if there’s anything you’d like to see in Titan, just let us know!

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