Stop sending customers back to their old accounts

Our new Import Email feature positively impacts the entire email lifecycle, from boosting signups and usage to increasing retention and upgrades.

Bhavin Turakhia

Published on September 15, 2021

Most hosting customers see the value in creating an email account at their domain. So why then do so many go through the trouble of setting one up with you, only to never use it? It’s not enough to just offer a better email client than RoundCube or OX. To deliver a great email experience, the typical barriers that come with adopting a new account must be removed. Even for customers who know that using a Gmail address is bad for their business, something like having to constantly switch tabs to find old messages is enough to make them punt on their email credibility. In fact, 7% of Titan users who created an account said they did not end up using it because they couldn’t import messages from their old accounts. In this update, we’d like to introduce our new Import Email feature and discuss why we are hyper-focused on fixing the issues that cause email customers to retreat back to their old accounts. Let’s take a look at how the Import Email function will help move the activation and usage needle with your email customers.

Block the exit with Import Email

Your customers are not new to email. In many cases, they’re already sending business emails from their personal accounts. But just because a customer is now on your email service, it doesn’t mean the messages in their old accounts are now irrelevant. To that end, we quickly started to see trends in our support queries and Feature Request submissions from users who wanted to migrate email data from an external provider to Titan. We then further validated the request through user surveys and got to work on the Import Email feature. Now, with our Import Email tool, Titan users can easily import existing email data from a remote server via IMAP. Everything can be done by the user right from the Import Email tab in their admin control panel.
Import Email
Giving new email users a reason to go back to their old accounts is bad business. There’s only so many times you can send a user back to an old email account before they end up just staying there. We’ve already rolled out our Import Contacts feature, which addresses 30% of the customers who stopped using their accounts. All of our partners who implemented the feature have seen at least 10% of Titan users take advantage of it. Now users also have a simple, self-guided way to move the emails they need to Titan. Any server that supports IMAP can be automatically connected. And users will never have to worry about the data existing at the remote provider being impacted by the migration.

The email service your customers need

There’s a lot of money to be made in email that hosting players are missing out on because they do not offer a service that actually meets the needs of 95% of their customers –– very small businesses. The Import Email functionality positively impacts the entire email lifecycle of these customers. Making it easier for them to move email on an existing domain boosts signups and usage. Allowing them to pick up where they left off with their old accounts increases retention. And the import of data pushes a mailbox closer to its storage threshold, creating an instant upgrade avenue. At Titan, we never build a feature for the sake of building a feature. We build a feature to solve a problem for you and your customers. We’ve gone to exhaustive lengths to truly understand VSBs and solopreneurs and how they use the mailboxes they’ve created with you. No other email provider on the planet places this level of attention on email activation and usage.

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