Titan Partners with GMO Internet to Offer World-Class Email with a Free .com Domain for Small Businesses Worldwide

Titan, a leading business email service provider, today announced its strategic partnership with GMO Internet, an Internet services provisioning organization. Titan will be available on GMO Internet’s largest international brand, Z.com. This new alliance intends to accelerate digital transformation and inspire growth among small businesses across USA, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Email is a critical component of any new business’ web presence and an essential tool for companies to communicate and connect with customers. Titan and Z.com’s latest offering—a premium business email with a free .com domain, the most popular Top-Level Domain (TLD)—is designed to enable users to get online and strengthen their virtual presence from the word go, even with no technical knowledge. Anyone looking to create an online presence with a professional-looking custom email address can easily do so, even if they don’t own a domain name.  

Titan’s business email service is renowned for its user-friendly interface and robust features, requiring no setup. It provides a professional edge to businesses, aiding them in establishing their online presence.

This partnership is aimed at helping small businesses take off and grow, allowing more people to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Z.com will offer both Titan Pro and Premium, creating a comprehensive suite of services to meet every customer’s requirement.

Titan, designed as a cloud-based SaaS solution, comes with up to 50 GB of storage per user, integrated Calendar and Contacts apps, and multi-account capabilities. Features like Read Receipts and Email Templates make life incredibly simple to establish a more personal connection between companies and customers. Priority Inbox, Follow-up Reminders, and Send Later help boost productivity.

Titan works exclusively with registrars and web-hosts to deliver an email service that has a track record of 99.99%+ uptime and industry-beating NPS and CSAT scores.

"Through this partnership, we're strengthening our commitment to helping small businesses and startups grow and thrive. By offering a free .com domain with our premium email service, we’re making it easier for businesses to establish their online presence. We're excited to work with GMO Internet and look forward to seeing more entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life."

Industry perspective

The new offering from Titan and Z.com—a world-class business email with a free .com domain—is a win-win for anyone looking to get started with their web presence. Customers can start using their new domain, via their business email, on day one even if their website is not set up.


No requirement of technical knowledge or owning a domain name from earlier makes this proposition a no-brainer for every entrepreneur and gives them greater value from the start.

For registrars, the gains are just as phenomenal. When you pair a premium email service like Titan with a domain, not only do NPS and customer satisfaction go up, but also domains and hosting customers see the provider’s branding within Titan for more than 150 hours every year.

In partnering with GMO Internet, Titan has expanded its slate of partnerships beyond its existing partnerships with global brands like WordPress.com, Hostgator, Hostinger, Name.com and Namesilo.

About GMO Internet

Japan-based GMO Internet provides various internet services including internet infrastructure services such as web hosting, domain registration, payment processing, internet security, and e-commerce tools. Z.com is the global brand of GMO Internet and is one of the most comprehensive providers of industry-leading internet services worldwide. It brings together the services necessary for businesses to succeed online and puts them into one easy package. As the largest international brand of GMO Internet, Z.com aims to bring the group’s services into the global market.

GMO Internet is also a leading domain registry and owns popular TLDs such as .shop and .tokyo, among others.

About Titan

Titan is a leading business email provider committed to helping businesses establish and enhance their brand communication. With a focus on user experience and high-quality service, Titan is dedicated to helping businesses scale new heights regardless of size. Titan has consistently been highly-rated across industry review sites such as G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot.

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