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In a world where email is a fundamental need of any business, there is a scary lack of available business email options suitable for small businesses.

The market for business email has neglected the budding entrepreneur, offering only solutions that exist on opposite ends of the spectrum. At one end you have inferior open-source products that have been masquerading as a business email service. At the other, you have expensive product suites –– productivity tools bundled with email clients and sold as a bloated business platform.

Left in the lurch, millions of small business owners have found themselves heading down the dark road of using a free consumer email service for their business. But for the’s and’s of the world, there’s now a hero to help them down the path of professionalism. 

Meet Titan –– the world’s first email product designed to address the specific communication and productivity needs of small businesses. Titan enables businesses to create a custom domain (or port over your existing one), and get up and running on business-class email in a matter of minutes.

Email’s Professionalism Problem

Whether you own a neighborhood jewelry boutique or run a web design company out of your home, establishing trust and appearing professional is crucial to success. Consumers in the digital space are already skeptical. Anything that causes a consumer to question the credibility of a company will immediately hamper its ability to drive sales.

Almost anyone can create a free email account and claim to be an established business, so you’re gambling with your business’s credibility by not taking this step in solidifying it as a legitimate entity in the eyes of customers. Why then are so many legitimate businesses using free email services? Because getting a professional email address is a massive annoyance. And, since most new businesses don’t have the time to deal with setting up a new email, they just stick with their personal email for business purposes.

But the damage that this does to your business’s brand should not be underestimated. We’re all consumers, who are you more likely to engage with –– or An email address is oftentimes the first interaction a consumer has with your company. Having a real business email address will be the first crucial step in cementing a solid reputation with them. 

Titan to the Rescue


On the contrary to many tech companies, email doesn’t have to suck. In fact, for many small businesses, email is their Swiss army knife. Email is entrenched in the way small business users communicate, collaborate, and manage their day-to-day work lives. Email is used to capture business-critical conversations for sales and to market new promotions to customers. It’s used as a task manager for little things and for instant access to presentations or flight information while on the go. 

Furthermore, email isn’t going anywhere. The number of email users is expected to grow from over 3.9 billion in 2019 to over 4.3 billion by 2023. But the problem for small businesses is that while their needs have changed drastically over the 25 years, email has essentially remained the same. Until now.

With Titan, small businesses can start taking advantage of powerful features like integrated video calling and calendar sharing in a matter of minutes. If you haven’t gotten a domain name for your new business, we’ll help you get one. You can literally start emailing from your business before you even build your website!

Getting a professional email address is now the easiest and most affordable thing you can do to help your brand’s reputation. No more paying for tools you don’t use or forwarding your business email to your Gmail account. It’s time for Titan to save your small business from the amateurism that threatens its ability to grow.

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Originally published 31st December 2019 12:32:00pm, last updated on March 21st, 2020

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