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Titan is more than just a secure email service at a business domain. Titan is a tool built with useful features for small business users to manage their email, schedule, and contacts in one place.

Titan is packed with easy to use features that will help you work more efficiently with your email and calendar. Titan enables you to instantly share attachments, access your contacts, and manage your schedule –– at home, at work, and everywhere in between.

If you’re looking for an email service that matches the functionality of Gmail and Outlook, but lets you use your domain at a fraction of the price of G Suite and Office 365, it’s time to look at Titan. 

Here are 10 of Titan’s coolest features. 

1. Use your business domain

Anyone can create a free email account and claim to be a business. To establish credibility, you need to send emails from your business’s domain. Not only will Titan let you use your own domain (unlike Gmail), but we’ll help you register one. Titan’s domain availability tool will help you find the perfect domain name while you’re creating your Titan account.

2. Organize video calls

When a conference call won’t cut it, add a video link to your emails and calendar events. Every Titan user gets a unique video link with their account. You can use the new video call button or insert a video link in your message using the quick action button in the compose window. Your recipients will get the link and can join your video call in one click.

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3. Access your other email accounts

Just because you understand the importance of using a professional email service for your business, it doesn’t mean you want to get rid of the personal email you’ve been using for years. Titan breaks the mold by letting you access multiple email accounts right from the Titan inbox.

4. Share your calendar

Take collaboration to the next level by sharing your calendar with the other Titan users in your organization. By sharing calendars, you can make plans and coordinate schedules by instantly seeing when your coworkers are available.

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5. Customize your layout

You can view your Titan inbox in a three-column layout, with a reading pane, so that you can view a message without having to click into it. If you’d prefer a classic two-column layout, without the reading pane, you can swap the view.

6. Find emails faster

You don’t need to scroll through your inbox to find a message. Titan’s advanced search capabilities – search strings and autocomplete suggestions – make it easy to find the right message in an instant.

7. Unsend an email

Who hasn’t been there? You click send on an email and have second thoughts. If you want to pull a message back, Titan gives you an undo option every time you send a message.

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8. Know when your messages are read

Have you ever wanted to know if your most important emails reached their destination? Titan uses read receipts to track if your sent emails are read. You can see individual receipts right from your sent mail or the receipts for all your emails using the notification tab in the quick access bar.

9. Act quickly

At the top of each message, you’ll find a half dozen buttons that let you immediately take action on an email. With one click, you can archive or trash an email or mark it as spam. If you clicked on an email, but need to read it again, mark it as Unread. Or if you need to quickly find it later, star it.

10. Create custom email filters

Titan lets you create custom rules to better manage your incoming emails. Filter emails based on sender, other recipients, subject lines, attachments and more.

Get started on Titan

You can try Titan for free, by using this link

You’ll have access to your account for free for 30 days. After that, Titan is just $1.49 a month. 

If you don’t yet have a domain name for your business, let us help you get one. You can register a domain name while you’re signing up for Titan. Check out these tips for picking the perfect domain name. If the one you land isn’t available, we’ll help you give you some suggestions for an alternative.

Once you’ve picked a domain name and created your account, use this guide to get started on Titan in just a few minutes!

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Originally published 25th February 2020 04:19:05pm, last updated on March 23rd, 2020

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