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Welcome to Titan! Using Titan business email at your own domain is one of the easiest ways to build credibility online. 

To ensure that getting up and running on Titan is as easy as we claim, check out our quick starter guide. If you get stuck at any point or have any questions in general, you can always reach out to our support team –

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1. Creating your Titan business email account

Get started by signing up for the 30-day free trial of Titan. If you’re loving Titan, you can keep using it for $1.49 a month after the 30 days are up.

Next, create your account. We’ll ask you a few questions about yourself and your business to get a sense of how you’ll be using Titan.

  • If you already have a domain name registered for your business and want to use it for your email address, great! We’ll help you do that.
  • If you don’t have a domain name, no problem! We’ll help you get one. If the domain name you want is not available or is too pricey, we’ll also give you some suggestions for an alternative.

After creating your account, you’ll land in the Titan webmail inbox and will be prompted to activate your email address.

Click Activate Now and you’ll be taken to Follow these steps and you’ll be ready to start emailing in a few minutes. 

  • Add any existing email accounts you have at your domain.

If you decide not to add an account that exists at the domain, that account will stop receiving email.

  • Add your new MX record.

In order to connect your domain to Titan, you need to configure the domain’s MX (mail exchanger) record to point to Titan. If that sounds daunting, don’t worry, it’s only a few steps. We have detailed instructions tailored for every major domain registrar. (You can also always reach out for help!)

  • Add new TXT records.

A TXT record is a type of Domain Name System record that contains text information used to verify domain ownership. This is an optional step that you can feel free to skip, as a TXT record will already exist at your domain.

When you’re ready, click I’m done, activate now and you’ll land back in the Titan webmail client. 

Now it’s time to put Titan to work. You’ll see a prompt at the bottom right of your inbox. Titan provides native clients for every email preference. If you want a more traditional feel than webmail, click on Download the Titan desktop app! and the desktop client will download automatically. If you’d prefer to use Titan on-the-go, get the iOS app or the Android app.

2. Managing Titan business email

Titan is packed with features designed to boost productivity by enabling you to take quick actions on messages and efficiently organize your inbox.

Choose your layout – Your Titan inbox will default to a three-column layout, with a reading pane, so you can view a message without having to click into it. If you’d prefer a two-column layout without the reading pane, click on the gear on the top right of your inbox and uncheck Show Reading Pane.

Use the conversation threads – Titan organizes email replies in conversation threads. All email messages that are part of the same conversation appear together as a single email thread. Threading helps you gain full context of your inbox. Clicking on an email will display the thread in the reading pane, with the most recent message appearing at the top. The previous messages are collapsed and hidden from view, but you can click on any one to expand and collapse it.

Search for an email – You don’t need to scroll through your inbox to find a message. Titan’s advanced search capabilities – search strings and autocomplete suggestions – make it easy to find the right message in an instant. Search by:

  • from: to find messages sent from a specific email address 
  • to: to find messages sent to a specific email address
  • in: to find messages in a specific folder or label
  • is: to find a message that is unread or starred
  • subject: to find a message based on keywords in the subject line

Use the quick actions – At the top of each message, you’ll find a half dozen buttons to let you immediately take action on an email.

  • Archive – keep your inbox clean by using the Archive folder to store messages that aren’t critical at the moment.
  • Trash – if you’re done with an email, get rid of it by moving it to Trash.
  • Spam – keep your inbox spam-free by marking unwarranted messages as Spam. If you find an email in the Spam folder that shouldn’t be there, you also have the option to mark it is as Not Spam.
  • Unread/Read – If you clicked on an email, but need to read it again, mark it as Unread. If you don’t want to read an email, but want to keep it in your inbox, mark it as Read.
  • Star – If you have an important email that you’ll need to find quickly, Star it.
  • Folders – If you want to use Folders to organize your inbox, you can do so by clicking Folder + in the left pane. If you want to move a message to a specific folder, click Folder and pick the one you want.

3. Composing emails

To send an email, click New Mail at the top left of your inbox. If you’re using the mobile app, click the Compose icon at the top right. This will open the Compose window. 

Enter the email addresses of your primary recipients in the To: field and add any additional addresses in the CC and BCC fields. Add a subject to the Subject Line and start writing your message in the Body. As you start typing, the email will auto-save and can be found in the Drafts folder.

At the bottom of the compose window, you’ll find a series of buttons to beef up your message:

  • The A lets you format text and add links
  • The Paper Clip lets you attach files
  • The Eyeball enables a ‘read receipt’ so you can tell if your message is opened
  • The Smiley Face lets you add emojis
  • The Camera integrates a video call link with your message

When you’re done, click Send. If you want to pull the message back, you have a short window to click Undo. It’s that simple.

Titan, business email

4. Setting your preferences

By clicking on the gear icon, you can choose your inbox layout and set a variety of preferences to customize your email experience.

Use the general settings – customize the basic settings in your inbox, like language, time, and notifications – Gear icon > Preferences > General.

Use the vacation responder – if you’re going to be out of reach, use the autoresponder to let people who email you know – Gear icon > Preferences > Vacation Responder.

Use auto-forwarding – if you need to, you can forward your Titan email to a different ID – Gear icon > Preferences > Forwarding.

Use email shortcuts – if you’d prefer to use keyboard shortcuts for various actions, Titan has enabled a host of cool shortcuts – Gear icon > Preferences > Shortcuts.

Use the email signatures – leave a credible impression on your recipients by creating an email signature – Gear icon > Preferences > Signature.

email signature

5. Using the Titan business email calendar

Need to schedule a meeting, set up a video conference, or just set yourself a reminder? Add it to your Titan calendar!

Create a calendar event

At the top left of your inbox, click Calendar. If you’re using the mobile app, you’ll see the button at the bottom right.

Click anywhere on the calendar to create an event. Doing so will open the event email, letting you name your event and set the date and time. Click Create Event and it will appear on your calendar. If you need to add more detail, click on the event and edit it. From there, you can change the time, invite guests, add a video link, or write a brief note to your attendees. If you want to delete the event, you can do it there as well. 

Advanced options also exist. If you have multiple calendars, you can switch between them using the Calendar dropdown. 

Respond to an event invite

If you get invited to an event scheduled through Titan, you can respond to it through the email invite by selecting Yes, Maybe, or No. You can also access the event through your calendar and respond by selecting Going, Maybe, or Not Going.

If you want to change the time of an event or modify it, open it in your calendar and click Edit. As a guest, you can only modify the event if the organizer has turned on the Modify Event setting for guests.

Use multiple calendars

If you have a calendar tied to another email address that you’d like to continue using, add it to Titan. Click + next to My Calendars and it will prompt you to add a new calendar. Add a Name and Description for the new calendar and set a custom color for it, so it’s easy to distinguish.

Congratulations, you’re ready to roll with Titan business email! Our support team rules. Hit them up at any time if you have any issues –

Happy emailing!

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