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In certain professional situations, read receipts can be downright necessary. Busy recipients can easily miss important emails, and with spam filters and phishing alerts, your email might not even make it to your recipient’s inbox. You could send a follow-up email to check — but with time-sensitive messages like job offers, meeting updates, contracts, or proposals, a read receipt is a more efficient way of confirming that your message was received.

If you’re in sales or pitching to countless people, read receipts can help you shape your follow-up outreach strategy. And they can also be used for compliance or performance reasons.

Read on to learn why email read receipts can provide critical insights for you and your business, and how to take advantage of them.

What Are Email Read Receipts?

In email, a read receipt is an acknowledgment by the recipient’s email client to the sender that their message has been opened.

In a professional setting, people often have a tough time keeping up with their inboxes. Advice about better email management abounds. A read receipt will not only tell you that your email has been read; it can help your business better manage your professional outreach.

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Request a Read Receipt

Some email providers allow you to request a read receipt from your recipient. This is usually something you need to set up ahead of time, and the recipient will get a separate pop-up message upon opening your email, asking for their consent.

Recipients might not agree to read receipts because they want to maintain privacy, or they might not be ready to reply. If you’re emailing someone external to your organization, the recipient’s email provider might not support this feature.

Because of the constraints with typical email providers, adding a line to your email asking the recipient to reply by a certain date is probably more effective. Or you could try Titan, which features automated read receipts, taking the guesswork out of seeing if someone opened your email or downloaded your attachment.

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Use a Tracking Software

With only some email providers supporting the read response function, third-party tracking software has aimed to fill the gap. These programs typically use a minuscule pixel image that’s downloaded upon opening the email, which alerts the sender. But people are getting savvy to these devices, and they can be blocked. It’s also unclear how accurate they are and some trackers share recipients’ data with outside parties.

Try Titan today for free and automatically get read receipts for every message that you send.

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