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Although we like to think our work is done when we leave the office, how often is that the case? The truth is, being able to check our email while on the go isn’t just a perk — it’s often a necessity.  Having a reliable mobile email app can be a lifesaver when you need to reply quickly or send a file and you’re nowhere near the office. With so many to pick from, how do you choose the right one for your business needs?  To help you decide, here are the five best business email apps for business owners. Each is accessible directly from your mobile device.

1.  Titan

Are we a little partial to Titan? Of course, we are. But with good reason. Titan is a business-class email service built for the communication and productivity needs of small businesses. Titan enables you to make a professional first impression with a branded email address that your customers and collaborators can trust. You can put Titan to work for your business, right from your Android or iOS device for just $1.49 a month!

The Titan Android and iOS apps are incredibly easy to use and come packed with a variety of features:

  • Everything you need at your fingertips: Search for anything, find everything with Titan’s blazing-fast search function. Titan’s advanced search capabilities let you search by email address, subject line, date, and keywords across your entire mailbox.
  • Conversation threads: All of your conversations are woven into a complete story so that you always have the full context in a single glance. Chaos, meet structure!
  • Swipe gestures for Quick actions: Swipe left or right to take action on emails and organize your inbox.
  • See your agenda at a glance: Titan’s Calendar lets you see what you have going on by day, week, and month, so that you have all your upcoming appointments and meetings in one easy to digest view.

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2. Gmail

If you already use Gmail for your personal needs, using it for business will probably come naturally to you. Gmail is free to use and by giving you access to Google Drive, it makes cloud-based document sharing a breeze from wherever you are. The mobile app supports multiple accounts and notifications, lets you create folders for easy organization and star important emails if you can’t reply right away but don’t want to forget. The kicker with Gmail, or any free email service for that matter, is that you can’t use your business’s domain for your email address. If you want a custom domain address, you have to buy G Suite. Also, when using a free email service, you up the risk of your messages landing in a recipient’s spam folder.

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3. Outlook

For some, Microsoft Outlook is synonymous with doing business. It is a popular choice for business owners — and so is its mobile app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and assists users in composing and answering emails as well as attaching files and managing their calendars. Like Gmail, Outlook is free to use, if you’re OK with your email address ending with You can also use Outlook with a custom domain by upgrading to an Office 365 account.

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4. Dispatch

If you’re aiming to remain productive despite receiving a high volume of emails every day, Dispatch helps by allowing users to quickly sort through emails with a swipe functionality and distribute them to other apps like Evernote or Pocket. If you’re always on the run, you can answer emails more efficiently, without making typos, through standardized responses. One downside of using Dispatch is that it doesn’t support POP email (meaning your emails won’t be stored locally and you won’t be able to access your email if you’re offline) and some uploads for larger files cause the app to freeze. There is also a fee for using Dispatch, currently going for $6.99 on iOS.

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5. Missive

Designed with small businesses in mind, Missive offers a variety of built-in tools, such as group chat, task assignments, and shared document drafting so you can collaborate with ease. This app is free to use, but there are premium subscriptions, which remove the app’s 15-day history limits and include other app integrations. The paid version starts at $10.

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