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For a small business, perception is everything. A professional appearance helps small businesses establish credibility with their customers. That’s why so many buy sleek business cards and flashy storefront signs. Yet when it comes to their email addresses, professionalism often flies out the window. 

This is a costly oversight. Having a business email address – one that matches your domain name – can be the differentiator in solidifying your company’s reputation as a legitimate entity or as an amateur.

While the old adage of never mixing your personal life with business doesn’t always ring true, it certainly applies to email. If you’re sending prospects and customers email from a Gmail address, you’re prompting them to wonder…

‘Is this guy emailing me about his business from his own Gmail account? How old is this company? If they’re not willing to pay a few bucks for email, what else are they skimping on?’

58% of customers said they would not be comfortable sharing credit card information with a business that was not using a real business email address. If you’re still firing off business emails from a Gmail account, make 2020 the year you give your brand a boost with a professional email address. 

With a service like Titan, getting business email is now one the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to help your brand’s reputation. But it hasn’t always been so simple

The Free Email Epidemic

Small business owners are cost-cautious and light on time. Even for those that are aware of the brand implications of using a Gmail address for business, ponying up for a G Suite license is a luxury. So, they stick with Gmail. 

It’s hard to blame them. Gmail is free, easy to get, and there’s a decent chance many in this position are already using it for their personal email. Plus, buying an entire suite of tools (docs, spreadsheets, file storage, etc.) just to get a custom email address seems ridiculous. 

Sure, nearly every offering when registering a website domain comes with an option to buy email. But getting a custom email address is about the only thing that feels professional in this exchange. 

There’s also the option of hosting your own email, but the majority of the small business population can’t take on that technical burden. Things like configuring name servers and MX records are too much for the typical SMB.

So, Gmail it is. But at what cost?

G Suite Review: Pros & Cons + G Suite Alternatives

No Second Chances for First Impressions

If you bought a custom web domain for your business, you’ve taken the first step in establishing it as a professional outlet. But if you’re you’re using a free Gmail address to conduct business, it’s like wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a suit. When it comes to appearing professional, the suit will only take you so far. 

Because of its reach, a business’s email address carries even more weight with customers than a website URL. In a digital economy, your email address is appearing everywhere from your marketing collateral to your LinkedIn profile. Oftentimes, your email address is the first thing your target audience sees from your company, even before they get to your site.

Using a Gmail address not only detracts from the professionalism of your business and from the strength of your brand, but it also causes customers to question your credibility. 75% of customers view a business that uses a free email address as untrustworthy.

Email is a tool for engaging with your customers. Your email address should convey authority and reinforce your brand – it shouldn’t make the recipient question whether or not they’re being scammed.

Emailing customers from is also a surefire way to get marked as spam. There’s already a chance that your email won’t reach your intended recipient’s inbox. With the new and ever-changing rules and regulations that govern data, privacy, and security in regard to email, it’s now more important than ever to avoid appearing spammy. 

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It’s time for Titan to save your small business from the amateurism that threatens its ability to grow.

Fortunately, the email market is catching up with the times. Try Titan today for your business and match a custom email address with a superior email experience that fits your budget for 2020. 

Stop killing your brand with your Gmail address and use a professional email service that:

  • Reinforces your brand: You want to be perceived as a business, not just someone with a Gmail account.
  • Conveys trustworthiness: Think about your own habits as a consumer. Would you be more likely to open an email from or
  • Scales with your business: As you grow your solo business venture into a 10 person operation, you’ll need a uniform business address for the entire team. is bad enough. 
  • Stays out of the spam folder: As you grow your customer base, sending mass emails from a personal account like Gmail will up the risk that your messages are marked as spam.
  • Lets you work like a pro: Titan is built from the ground up for modern small business professionals. Get more done faster with powerful tools like read receipts, conversation threads, reminders, and even integrated video calling.

To learn more about boosting your digital presence, check out our guide to getting your business online in 2020!

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